Helping High School Students Find Scholarships

To be honest, there is not a lot of information out there when it comes to essay scholarships for high school students. Sure, you can do a simple Google search and find sites that list popular essay scholarships out for you. However, we have yet to find a site that really offers anything other than that. So, in an effort to break the current trend we are going to hold your hand a bit and walk you through the process of applying for an essay scholarship. We know that you are probably a high school senior that is looking for advice on how to obtain an essay scholarship to pay for your college tuition so we are going to write this post for you guys!

Now, we do feel it is important to note that while we will be walking you through this process we cannot tell you exactly how to write your essay for your chosen scholarship. That is completely up to you. All we can really do is give you some advice on how to improve your chances of winning a scholarship. With this in mind, lets get started!

An Important Step

If you are like most of the people who come to this site then you probably don’t care about finding an essay scholarship you just probably care about winning a scholarship period. So, we are going to try something new here and give you options that others sites will not normally give you. We will be mixing in scholarships and resources that we feel will greatly improve your chances of obtaining scholarship money. One of those types of scholarships are the free scholarships. These are basically the simplest type of scholarship to apply for because all it really takes is a few minutes to fill out a form and you are done.

Essay Scholarships For High School Seniors

There are generally two types of scholarships that we feature on this site, essay scholarships and no essay scholarships. Basically, essay scholarships are any type of scholarship that require you to fill out an essay while no essay scholarships are any type of scholarship that do not require you to fill out an essay.

Essay Scholarships- All of the information we have regarding essay scholarships can be found in this section.

No Essay Scholarships- Any information we have on no essay scholarships can be found here.

In addition to the pages we have listed above we felt it would be a good idea to list some popular essay scholarships that high school seniors are inclined to apply for. You can see that list below:

Asian In America Essay Scholarship- Ok, so not everyone can apply for this scholarship. However, it is a very popular essay scholarship in the industry so we felt inclined to include it in our “popular” list. Don’t worry non Asian Americans we have scholarships for you too.

Americanism Essay Contest- All applicants for this scholarship must be grades 7-12. You must compose an essay on whatever the FRA chooses as a topic. Every school year the topic changes. Good luck!